Hurricane Matthew Update

The last three weeks have been full and busy. Hurricane Matthew brought many unexpected and sudden changes to our lives around here, but we are gradually adjusting back into routine. The days surrounding the hurricane were busy and exhausting. The couple of days before were spent preparing (boarding up windows, removing solar panels, etc), and the week or more after were full of repair and cleanup. The hurricane itself was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, shaking even our solid concrete homes a time or two. The winds and rain were unreal and lasted unceasingly for hours. When we finally were able to look outside, the damage was devastating. Trees were stripped and had fallen everywhere, and so many, many homes had lost their roofs or more, including a few missionary homes. Areas further west, in the direct path of the hurricane, were destroyed completely. Please pray for the Haitian people as they seek shelter and food in this time of desperation.

Our focus during the first few days after the hurricane was to repair our own homes to put us in a place capable of helping others. We spent days just clearing roads of fallen trees so we could move around. Our electric (besides solar) and water systems had both been broken and took more days of repair work. Within two weeks of the hurricane, we were in a stable position to begin repairing roofs, starting with some of the missionary homes that needed it most immediately.

We were thankful to see our depot standing strong on the side of the hill after the storm. After being engineered and constructed almost four years ago, this was the first real test of its strength, and it stood. We have been so thankful to have it, also, as a large central storage area, both for ourselves and other ministries who have used it in their own distribution efforts.

As we move forward into this team season, our focus will continue to be on church and school roofs, though it will consist more of repair and reconstruction than building new for a while. We will still host our regularly scheduled teams and are thankful for their flexibility and willingness to be used however is best during this time. We are also receiving a couple additional teams in these next couple weeks to help with additional building needs now.

Thank you for your continued prayers as we move ahead. Please pray for strength, wisdom and discernment in making decisions for how to best help, safety, and most of all God’s glory and purpose through it all.

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