Peoria Team

Our last team of the season (already over a month ago!) came from central IL. We had quite the adventurous time with them. We headed out to the west tip of the island, along the southern coast, to Sable, where we put the first roof on. It was a small church/school combination in a country community. This congregation had been meeting under coconut leaves for a while, and they were so excited to finally be getting a roof for their church. The pastor commented that even though the physical building is not so important and God sees our hearts as we worship, it was still so special to have a nicer place to gather.


The benches at the top are what the church had before. The lower are what they have now.

From Sable, we traveled back along the coast a bit and then traveled inland a bit, up the mountains to Dalmette. The road up the mountain was steep and rocky and not fit for vehicles. Thus, we drove as far as we possibly could and then hiked 30-45 minutes up to the village. Scott had brought the building materials (lumber, tin, etc) a few weeks before, so the local people had already carried all of that up for us, piece by piece. We had all of our luggage, tools, and water to haul up, though, and we were glad for the motorcycles and donkeys and people that made many trips for us, helping out. The view was amazing!

The building was another church/school combination, sitting right on top of the mountain. We built 10 church benches and 10 school desks at both Sable and Dalmette.


We are thankful for each person that comes down on our teams. This team season was a blessing to us and to the communities that we visited. We are also always extremely grateful for the safety and protection that God grants us in not-so-ideal situations and for the blessings that He brings along the way. We know it is His work, and He provides in His sovereignty and by His grace.

Glory to God!

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