Pinetta team

A few weeks ago, we hosted the Pinetta team from north Florida and south Georgia. This team got a lot done and hopped right along from job to job. We started out the week by heading along the southern coast of Haiti, past Cotes de Fer, and into the mountains, to a little town called Gris Gris. The team worked hard, and we got the trusses set and benches built by Saturday night.

I really appreciated this little church. The body of believers wasn’t very big, but they were full of heart and worship. There is something about a little country church that stirs my heart. Their joy and praise were contagious. I also enjoyed watching the team interact with the people of the community. They were here for more than just to build a roof. They wanted to touch lives and be touched, as well.

The team was quick in varnishing the benches and nailing tin Monday morning, and we were on the road in good time.

Tuesday, the team spent the day re-roofing one of the wings of the big Simone tabernacle, just down the road from the guesthouse. The Simone church is the largest MEBSH church, and each spring they host the annual MEBSH convention. Thousands of people come from all over southern Haiti to join together for a few days of talks and meetings and worship and fellowship. They wanted the roof redone on one of the wings of the church before the convention, and we were glad this team was able to do that for them. (The convention is happening now this week, and things are becoming busy around here. Please pray for the Spirit’s work and God’s glory and protection with these huge crowds.)

Since they had yet another day, the team headed out to the Torbeck area to start work on yet another roof. They weren’t able to finish it, but our Haitian workers went back the next day to complete it.

I am thankful yet again for how God protects and provides for His work and His people.

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