Roanoke team

A few weeks ago, we had a team from the Yordys’ home church of Roanoke. It is always a special blessing for each of us here to see people from home, as the Yordys experienced once again that week.

On Saturday, we made the short trip (10 minutes, maybe) to Bergeaud to continue what the Silverton team had started. The trusses were built already, so the Roanoke team went about setting them in place. This church is two stories high, though, which always makes for a little more caution and a few more prayers for safety. We are thankful for God’s protection. There wasn’t time for the tin that day, so our Haitian workers came back another day to finish the roof.

The ladies also helped build the typical ten church benches and had some fun playing with some local kids

Sunday, since we weren’t staying out in a community somewhere, the team got the opportunity to visit Renault. Renault is one of the poorest slums of Les Cayes, where another missionary family has a weekly Sunday school for over 1200 local children. It’s a wonderful opportunity to love the least and watch as they sing their hearts out and learn about Jesus. The children also then each get to take a rice pack home to help feed their families.

On Monday, we headed out to our second job for the week at Gourdet. This place was about a three hour drive away. We worked all afternoon, got the trusses set, and finished painting the benches just as it was getting too dark to see what we were doing. Tuesday morning, the men made quick work of the tin before we headed back home.

This was a really neat community. It was encouraging to see the faith of the local people. The little lady in the pink jacket (front and center of the bottom picture) especially shared her testimony of God’s goodness. She has done a lot of work in that community, leaning on God’s faithfulness the whole time. She started a school and has taught many, many children, and she has been praying for years for the church building. Just as we got to Gourdet and started working, it started sprinkling. She stood off to the side singing prayers for us, and the skies cleared up, and we didn’t get another drop. It is refreshing and challenging to see the depth of faith in God’s people here.

Thank you for your continued prayers for all of us as we watch God move and work in and through His people here in Haiti. We praise Him for His faithfulness!

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