Bluffton Work Team

We were excited to host the Bluffton team recently! We did two projects in the Pestel area. The first one was the church/school in the town of Pestel and the other was a church/school in Toma about a 45 minute drive from Pestel. Both locations showed us Christian love and hospitality and incredible thankfulness for the work being done. On Sunday Brandon Gerber shared a message at the Pestel church that emphasized on everything we do in this life being “all about Christ”. It’s our prayer that that both of the churches and communities visited would be encouraged and that their faith could be strengthened.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 2.04.22 PM

6 hr drive from the South coast (Les Cayes) to the North Coast (Pestel)



Building trusses on the street because space was tight



Great company! (Pestel roof)


Toma roof


Meal time!



Becky hard at work




Thanks to God for his safety and protection during the week and thanks to the Bluffton team for their service!

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