Construction Guesthouse Need – Can You Help?

The construction guesthouse is where all our teams stay when they’re at the compound. It’s a five bedroom, five bath downstairs with an upstairs for overflow. Last year the guesthouse received some great new furniture to replace the old, worn-out sofas. It’s been a great addition but with the new larger furniture-which is little more bulky-the living/dining room is a bit cramped.

We’d love to replace the current dinning table with two Lifetime 8ft tables. It would also be great to replace the bulky dinning chairs with Lifetime foldable chairs. With both these new items, it would be simple to scoot them out of the way when more room is needed in the living room. Plus they would take up much less room when set up then the current dinning room arrangement.

How can you help?  These tables and chairs aren’t in the budget for the guesthouse. We strive to keep the cost low for food and lodging, which doesn’t leave much room for buying new large items like tables and chairs.  Would you consider giving a contribution towards these two items? Here is a breakdown of the need:

2 – 8′ Lifetime tables = $180

24 Lifetime folding chairs = $540

Can you give a gift of $20, $50, or even $100? We would welcome any amount!

If you feel led to help,  please make your check out to: MEBSH Construction Dept. 

You can mail it to:

Brent & Alisha Wagenbach

Agape FL CAY 26282

Venice, FL 34285

Any questions, feel free to email us at:

Thank you for considering!  I look forward to doing a blog post with the new tables and chairs:)

-The Construction Team


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