Eureka Bible Team

We thoroughly enjoyed having the Eureka Bible team here in Les Cayes. The roof we put on was close to Cayes-about fifteen minutes away-so we were able to come back to the compound each night after working at the job site. The Bambou community where we covered the first roof has been working on their new building for several years. Since a new pastor moved into that church about eight years ago, the church has grown increasingly in number and they had outgrown their current building! Praising God they now have a church with enough benches that everyone can have a seat to sit inside.


The 10 church benches coming together. Many of the Haitian members of Bambou helped in a great way. It’s always neat to involve the community in the work!


Bre helping instruct a willing Haitian helper where to apply the varnish.


This is the wife of the pastor at the Bambou church, Mdm Wilfred.



All the children loved Kristen. She played games with the young ones, witnessed to the teenagers, and showed the love of Jesus to all!


The men worked hard putting the new roof on. They worked in both the sunshine and rain!

IMG_20151109_112217 (1)


Pastor Wilfred standing under the finished trusses.


Praise to God for another church with a new roof!

As we worshiped with the congregation on Sunday, Brent had the opportunity to share with the church a shared thankfulness for a new building and also a reminder that Christ lives in our hearts and it is the believers that make up the true church.

A big thanks to the Eureka Bible Church for giving your time and love, and for those from your church who supported you! Looking forward to next year with you.



3 thoughts on “Eureka Bible Team

  1. Curt & Norma Witzig says:

    A wonderful read on a job well done. It delights me to think of the congregation sitting in the shade of a fine tin roof! God bless!!

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