Meet our Team

Come meet the team of missionaries that serve with the construction department!

Joyce Throness


Joyce came down to Haiti in 2014 to run the ACC guesthouse. She has a long history with Haiti (She was raised here and also served in later years as a missionary) and has also run many guesthouses. She has made huge improvements to the food menu as well as building relationships with the staff. 

Leah Kaeb


Leah has worked with the Construction Department for the past three team seasons. She handles the bookkeeping and general office work for the Construction Department. She also helps communicate with teams prior to their trip to Haiti. She’s a great asset to the team!

Yordy Family


Scott and Mandy and their three girls Brianna (15) Chloe  (12) and Gabrielle (11) moved to Haiti October 2013.  Scotts background with construction gave him an easy spot to jump into with the ministry of the construction department. Scott spends a lot of time investing in our four full-time Haitian “bosses” and developing their skill sets. He also helps run all the teams that come from the states. This responsibility is shared by both Scott and Brent.  Mandy helps oversee the guesthouse, and works with Joyce to insure things are going well and running smooth.  The Yordy girls fit in great here in Haiti and Bri and Chloe have gone out on many of the teams. 

Brent & Alisha Wagenbach

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Brent moved to Haiti while he was single in 2010 after the earthquake. Alisha grew up in Haiti and moved down with her family in 2005. After they met in Haiti and got married (2013), they felt lead to continue serving in Haiti and have served together for 1.5 years since being married. Brent works in administration and also works with Scott hosting teams. Alisha is responsible for team hospitality. The Wagenbachs are expecting their first child in (January 2016) and are looking forward to growing their family.

Our team here feels that God has truly blessed the group and the individual gifts they bring to the mission. We praise God for providing like only He can! 

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