A Year in Review

It might not be the end of a year, but for the construction department, it’s the end of the team season. We have been blessed by each person who has given their time and money to come serve with us here in Haiti. It’s been incredible to see the ways God has worked in situations that were completely out of our control.  

This post is simply to say THANK YOU to all of those that help make this work possible, and to give a little overview of the work accomplished this team season.

This map shows the jobs that were completed.  


New Church Roofs = 6

Old Church Roofs Recovered = 6

New School Roofs = 15

Church Benches Built = 80

School Benches Built = 120

Visiting construction team members from the States = 106 

Children who now have a school to learn in = Anpil (a lot!)

Hearts turned to the Lord = Only He knows!

We recognize that only Christ can add the increase to the work here. It isn’t by anything we as men can do, but through Christ alone. We praise God for His faithfulness in the big and small things this year. Thanks for the big part you have in this ministry! Whether by supporting it financially or by giving of your time to come down, it’s a huge blessing.  

Have a wonderful summer!

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