Emergency Medical Class

For those who are coming to Haiti on a work team, or for a visit, you will be happy to know that Brent, Alisha, Scott, Mandy, & Leah all had a refresher course on basic emergency medicine this week!  David & Janella Zimmerman, missionaries from Hospital Lumiere at Bonn Finn, graciously gave up an afternoon, and traveled to Cayes to instruct us.  The Zimmermans were both paramedics in the US, before moving to Haiti.  David & Janella did an excellent job, and we enjoyed their easy-going style of teaching. It was a great mix of verbal and video instruction, as well as hands-on.  Some of the things we learned included; review of basic CPR and how the defibrillator works, review of normal vital signs and how to take them, burn care, soft tissue and skeletal injuries, wound care and bleeding, immobilizing a patient, signs and care of a person who is overheated, administering IV’s, and the list goes on……

Our team takes safety very seriously, and we pray for God’s protection on every person who visits. But, in the case of an emergency/injury, hopefully we be prepared to take action.

David & Janella, demonstrating how to take a blood pressure.IMG_20141204_131005

Brent, as the immobilized patient


Looking for veins.


Most of the crew, minus Mandy


3 thoughts on “Emergency Medical Class

  1. Sandra waibel says:

    Have to chuckle a bit at the “looking for veins” brent😀. How’s Lish’s arm doing?? Hope your team week is wonderful and all remain safe and you don’t need to find any veins!! Good being there with you guys and wonderful meeting the yordy’s!!

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