Summer Update

Summer is coming to a close, and we are thankful for the missionaries who are returning from their furloughs in the states. The Yordy’s returned from their furlough a few weeks ago, and its great having them around again. We’re thankful for this ‘transition month’ we have before we (Wagenbachs) leave for our furlough at the end of August. During this month Scott and Brent are busy measuring and lining up the roof jobs for this upcoming team season. It’s a lot of traveling, so please pray for their safety on the roads as the drive around the country.

This week we were thankful to receive another sea container. Besides all the construction materials we receive, it’s also neat to see all the gifts and donations that people send down…and then to be able to distribute them! We were able to give the eight guys that helped unload the container a “goodie bag” consisting of canned pork, noodles, peanut butter, and Gatorade. They are always very appreciative of even the small things we give them. As always, we’re thankful when the containers arrive, and when they get safely unloaded! We appreciate all the work that goes into the shipment of the containers stateside. We know it takes a lot of work and organization.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

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