Beach Excursion with our Haitian Bosses

Scott and Mandy along with Brent and I, had the wonderful opportunity to take our four full time bosses* and their wives, to the beach yesterday. Going to the beach for “leisure time” is not something they would normally do and it was neat to see them interact with their wives in a different environment. It was also a special time to share with our bosses on a personal level. The day was filled with lots of laughter, jokes, and talking. Each Boss shared what the construction department means to them, and how it has effected them. It’s awesome to hear how God is alive in their hearts;  they really feel that working for the construction department is more than just a job. They know this is God’s work, and they are part of the ministry. We are really thankful to have these four men on our team and look forward to seeing them continue to grow in Christ and in this ministry. God is good! 

*In the Haitian culture, the term “boss” is for any skilled tradesman.



Scott and Brent with our wonderful Haitian Bosses


Ezekiel and his Wife.  They have one 7 year old Child and a set of 18 month old twins.


Verell and his new Bride. They been married just over a year, and haven’t had their first baby yet. They are a great new couple!


Mario and Elor. Both are married to wonderful women, but neither where feeling well so their husbands came alone. They mentioned several times that they wished their wives were there. Oh well, we sent food and cake home with them for their wives and that cheered them up :)

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