Sending the Reinhard Family Off

The Reinhard family has served in Haiti for over seven years. This past Monday-prior to their departure on Tuesday-our Haitian bosses put together a farewell for the Reinhards. Their house help, Haitian bosses with their families, and everyone else who worked closely with Tim and Joan was invited to this party. It was a neat time for the Haitians to share how God has used the Reinhard family to touch their lives, and show them the love of Jesus. We thank God for the time the Reinhards have served in Haiti, and pray for a good adjustment back into life stateside.



A time of praying over the Reinhard family


The Haitian band did a great job!



You may be wondering why I’m adding a basically black photo. I just wanted to share how some things in Haiti never change. The power still goes out at any given moment:) Luckily it was only out for 10 minutes!


Part of being a missionary is there’s a lot of good-byes. Looking forward to the day when there will be no more good-byes when we are reunited in Heaven again! 


Good friends of the Reinhard family

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