Roanoke Team

Before I begin the update on our past team, I’ll start with a short intro. For the past year Rachelle Grube has done a wonderful job with this blog. However, now that she has felt the call back to the states, the blog has been handed down to Mandy Yordy, and I (Alisha Wagenbach). We hope to update the blog often with short clips of life here in Haiti. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll try to post more pictures than words :)  

We were privileged to host the Roanoke team earlier this month.  The team took on a huge project at the LSM Cancer Redemption Project(CRP). God used Zach Bertchs’ battle with cancer to envision and begin the project at CRP. It is a wonderful example of how God uses hard circumstances for His good!  The team worked hard building the huge two story roof. And the ladies had their hands full building 40 benches.

 Because the job was twenty minutes from the compound, we didn’t get the adventure of staying out in the villages. But it was sure nice to come home and get a nice shower every night!

The team brought a lot of life, laughs, and fun to the week. As always, we look forward to seeing them next year!

Thanks for reading, and God bless your week!


The school/church is built and ready for a roof!
2C18995F-34DD-4169-825A-1B38B7C9DE12 Ground crew working hard and doing an excellent job on the trusses Fun fact: Approx 600 pounds of nails used!


Handing the trusses up to the roof crew


Assembling the trusses over the church


Checking in on the ladies…they’re doing a wonderful job building, sanding, and varnishing all 40 benches!


Lunch break!


Bob and Ed working on purlins 31DD382A-0B03-4725-ABA6-20B8216C3EB0 Fun Fact: 17,230 linear ft of lumber used on this roof


Ed did a great job drilling the holes in the purlins for the bolts. Without him, the roof might come tumbling down!


Because the job was on top of a hill, the breeze (and view) was fantastic

Lines up perfectly!

Lines up perfectly!


How precious these children are to our Heavenly Father!


Sunday morning church at CRP.


Finished product! God blessed the work, and we hope all who enter this building whether to learn or attend church will glorify God! Fun Fact: 330 – 12 ft pieces of roof tin (15,840 sq ft)



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