Support Weekend, Ladies Retreat, and The Reinhards

It’s been a while…

A few weeks back we had “Support Weekend”. This is a weekend when some board members come down and have lots of meetings with us missionaries about this past year and the up coming year. We discussed a great deal of things, and we are looking forward to what next year will bring.

While they were here, we went out to Zanglais for a couple days. Out there we had an afternoon of meetings, enjoyed the beach, and loved a little time of relaxing. It was such a blessed week with all of them here. We are very thankful for each and every one of them, and for all they do!

Now, skipping a few weeks…

The weekend of the 10th through the 12th of May we had “Ladies Retreat”. During this weekend most of the missionary ladies around the Cayes area get together at Zanglais and enjoy a relaxing weekend of talks, fellowship, and fun. The topic of the weekend was “Be Still”. Wow! What a powerful weekend of learning how to Be Still in God’s presence even in really busy times. To put forth the extra effort to sit with God everyday. To STOP and listen. To get rid of all other distractions. To “know” God in a new and intimate way. To seek Him and find Him! It was such a beautiful weekend. Something that I needed and, from what it sounded like, something a lot of others needed, also. We were all so very thankful for such a blessed weekend!

The whole Reinhard clan (except Sarah) left the Cayes area on the 12th of May. They went to Port au Prince and stayed the night at the orphanage that Mackenson and Berlica had lived at before.  The next morning Tim, Joan, Hannah, and Faith left to head back to the States. Bethany willingly stayed back with Mackenson and Berlica at the orphanage for 2 1/2 weeks since the kids can’t leave Haiti yet and, because the adoption isn’t finalized yet, the kids can only stay with Tim or Joan or at the orphanage. Joan plans to return to Haiti on the 30th of May, and then Sarah and Bethany will head out to the States on the 1st of June. Joan plans to stay in Haiti then with Mackenson and Berlica while the others are all in the States for a month or two. It’s all kind of confusing, I know. It’s just the way things worked out. Prayers would greatly be appreciated for them all!

I will admit, it’s rather strange to be here in Haiti without Tim and Joan. It’s a whole new experience for me personally, but it’s been good, even though I miss them all! Leah and I have been visiting those up at the hospital, working at Childcare and in the office, and enjoying a bit of a slower pace. Lord willing we plan to head to home in the States on the 29th of May. Brent and Alisha plan to fly out on the 5th of June.

A few prayer request:

*Bethany as she is at the orphanage (safety, loneliness, and strength from God)

*Mackenson and Berlica that they don’t feel abandoned, but feel safe and loved.

*Tim, Joan, Hannah, and Faith’s time in the states.

*Joan’s safe return back to Haiti and her time here alone with the kids.

*Safe travels for the many that are traveling in and out of Haiti right now for furloughs and such.

*God’s continued working hand in Haiti.

Alyssa Knoblock- Intern at Hospital Lumiere

Alyssa Knobloch – Intern at Hospital Lumiere

Duane and Karen Farney- Board Member

Duane and Karen Farney – Board Member

Duane and Norma -Hospital Lumiere

Daryl and Norma Luginbuhl – Hospital Lumiere

Bob and Sue Beebe- Board Member

Bob and Sue Beebe – Board Member

Tom and Cindy Hitz- Board Member

Tom and Cindy Hitz – Board Member

Lee and Desma Klephfenstein Family- Hosptial Lumiere

Lee and Desma Klopfenstein Family – Hospital Lumiere

Tim and Joan Reinhard Family- Construction Department

Tim and Joan Reinhard Family – Construction Department

Rachelle Grube- Intern in Construction Department

Rachelle Grube – Intern in Construction Department

Leah Kaeb- Intern in Construction Department

Leah Kaeb – Intern in Construction Department

Brent Wagenbach- Construction Department and Alisha Gutwein (fionsa)

Brent Wagenbach – Construction Department and Alisha Gutwein (fiancee)

Shelia Moser- Hospital Lumiere

Sheila Moser – Hospital Lumiere

Jon and Christie Zeller- Board Member

Jon and Christie Zeller – Board Member

Rick and Jody Wuethrich- Board Member

Rick and Judy Wuethrich – Board Member

Ladies Retreat

Ladies Retreat

Eric and Jami Hartzler- Hosptial Lumiere

Eric and Jami Hartzler – Hosptial Lumiere

3 thoughts on “Support Weekend, Ladies Retreat, and The Reinhards

  1. Dean Pashak says:

    Sure enjoyed your update Rachelle. Especially the pictures and scenery surrounding them. God Bless You and your work.

  2. Marlene Sinn says:

    Beautiful pictures of everyone. Often hear names but couldn’t put a face to everyone. Thanks for posting them. Thanks also for the updates. Enjoy reading each of them.

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