I suppose it’s about time for me to give a short introduction of myself on the blog, now that I’ve been here for a month and a half already.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am Leah Kaeb, from Francesville, IN, here to take Janelle’s place in the office for the time being.  I’m living with Rachelle at the guest house but spending quite a bit of my time at the Reinhards’ because of the office work.

I’ve enjoyed my time here so far and have loved getting to better know this missionary community that I’ve only known before in passing through my previous week-long trips.  My days have been full.  Much of my time during the weekdays is spent in the office, with random errands or trips to town thrown in occasionally.  I’ve spent the last six weeks digging in, trying to learn my way around the books and papers and everything else.  Quite a few of my weekends have been full, as well, since I went out with the construction teams that have come down since I’ve been here.  With team season mostly over now, though, things have slowed down just a bit.

I’m planning to be here until June for now.  I look forward to my next few months here, as I continue to learn and grow, and I trust that God will continue to lead and provide as He sees fit.  Thanks for the prayers of support that I know are going up on our behalf!

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