Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the ACWR Haiti Blog! We’ll have construction and work team news, Hospital Lumiere news, and some of our day-to-day activities posted here. Our goal for this blog is to get the word out – God is in Haiti! And we want to share with you what He’s been doing through us and through your loving and generous support. I’d like to tell a little about each one of us, and you can (eventually) read even more under the various tabs. Tim & Joan Reinhard from Peoria, along with their daughters, Sarah, Bethany, Hannah, and Faith, have lived here for over four years. Brent Wagenbach, from San Diego, has been here for about a year. Tim and Brent head up the construction department, taking teams out to work on churches and schools. Sheila Moser from Sabetha has been here about three years, and God is using her at the Hospital Lumiere. Renee Slagel from Fairbury is teaching 1st and 2nd grades at the missionary school and has been here full-time since the beginning of August. I’m Janelle Grassi, also from Peoria, and I’ve been here since the beginning of August helping Tim & Joan in the office. 

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